Boston Swimmers

Just as swimming is an excellent way to get fit for humans, it is also good for dogs. Swimming provides an aerobic workout that strengthens the heart and lungs, cuts weight, tones and builds up muscles.


Bostons in Agility

Dog Agility is the fun sport for you and your dog. The team of dog and handler negotiate a course of obstacles. Actually, the dog negotiates the obstacles with the handler providing direction through the course.


Bostons in Conformation

The sport of showing dogs in conformation is a long held tradition with very simple roots. A conformation dog show is a place to "show" your dog to judges who are experts in their chosen breed.


Bostons in Obedience/Rally

obed-rallyBasic Obedience; is typically a short course ranging from six to ten weeks, where it is demonstrated to the handler how to communicate with and train the dog in a few simple commands. With most methods the dog is trained one command at a time. Though there may or may not be a specific word attached to it, walking properly on a leash, or leash control, is often the first training required prior to learning other commands.

  • Competition Obedience; Each level of obedience competition - novice, open, and utility - requires mastering a specific skill set, which increase in difficulty, before advancing to the next level.
  • The Novice Class demonstrates good canine companion skills such as heeling, both with and without a leash, coming when called, standing for a simple physical examination, and staying in both a sit and a down position with a group of dogs.
  • The Open Class is more challenging as more exercises are done off leash and retrieving and jumping challenges are added.
  • The Utility Class includes scent discrimination, directed retrieves, jumping and silent signal exercises, is the most challenging class.
  • The Obedience Trial Championship title is often referred to as the "PhD" for dogs, is the highest obedience honor a dog can receive.

Rally Obedience; the dog and handler team move continuously through a rally course of 10-20 signs with the dog at the handler's left side. At each numbered sign they perform the indicated exercise then move to the next sign. Unlimited communication is encouraged - the handler can talk to the dog and give multiple
commands and signals. Scoring is less rigorous than traditional obedience.

For more information, contact Deb Chvilicek

Bostons in Lure Coursing

Lure Coursing is a performance event developed in the early 70's by Lyle Gillette and other California sighthound fanciers who hunted jackrabbits in the open field, risking the harm caused by barbed wire fencing.


Bostons in Tracking

With a keen sense of smell –100,000 times stronger than humans – dogs are often used to find lost people and animals, drugs, avalanche and disaster victims, and even to detect cancer.


Bostons in Therapy

The use of canines to help mankind is known throughout the world. They have been used for guarding flocks, tracking, hunting, search and rescue, leading the blind, and in assisting the deaf and physically challenged.