The Hanke Family

sue lou

Our family became members the same year we were introduced to the breed that has literally taken us all by the heart.

With the help of the club, we began our breeding program, "Hanke's Boston Garden" and have had two very happy, healthy litters with our first Boston Moxie. Carol is the "director" of our four and two legged family, Dan is head whelping pen designer and facilitator of equipment. He can be found during puppy season, on the kitchen floor defending himself against puppy attacks, or on the couch with puppies filed in around him.

In our spare time we work as bus driver and HVAC technician. Our boys are Andy 28, Adam 25, and Max 20. They are in charge of "the league of many friends" who come over to help socialize the pups with different kinds of "people" experiences and expose them to the many kinds of noises they might hear in the average household. Lawnmowers, firecrackers, rap, rock, heavy metal, dirtbikes, loud cars, slamming doors, etc.

They can also be found on the kitchen floor during puppy season teaching them how to "go get", "come", shred paper, cardboard, chew on hair, "not my socks" and any number of games they might invent.

Andy is our family foreign war veteran, serving a tour of duty in Iraq, and our resident computer specialist,  Adam is our entrepreneur who deals in all things that "go",  He also owns Uncle Ceasar his 3 yr old male Boston who is popular on Youtube. Max is our very own dreadhead, who is attending UW-Platteville for his engineering degree, works as a DJ for local events, and is an aspiring artist.

Carol Hanke can be reached at 262-378-1500.