About Glenna Sprague

suzy-glennaGlenna Sprague, D.V.M. became involved with pure bred dogs in 1978, after graduating from Texas A&M’s Veterinary School.  Doc’s Bostons was founded in 1994 when her veterinary technician brought in a litter of Boston Terrier pups from a nearby kennel.  The moment she saw Molly she was hooked on Bostons. The next year she obtained her first show dog from Oui's Bostons (Houston TX).
She is a semi-retired veterinarian and able to devote most of her time to her dogs. She spends her summers in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and winters in North East Texas. She generally has about 7 Bostons at her home.  She breeds 1-2 litters a year looking for her next  show pup and having an occasional pet pup or retired show dog available for placement.  Sweet temperaments, correct conformation and health guaranteed pups are her goals.
Glenna is currently a member of the Boston Terrier Club of America, the BTCA Health Committee, The Boston Terrier Club of Milwaukee and the North Texas Boston Terrier Club.